Application for Residence Permit for Work

Foreigner who enter China with Z Visa and come to work in China shall apply for work-type of residence permit within thirty (30) days from the date of their entry. When applying for a residence…


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Do what you love

In my reptilian brain I cannot figure out why we human beings choose to take chemical compounds and different sorts of pills in order to address a physical, emotional or mental distress or disease. Of course I am not addressing terminal diseases or when they reach a point of no return where normal medicine is really necessary. What I am talking about is a sense of connection to nature and the natural rhythms of the planet which reflect a sense of prevention rather than wanting to resolve a huge discomfort in a rush. And I’m addressing a sense of prevention rather than taking care of things last minute.

If you are a bit informed about cancer for instance (and I have family and close friends which has it hence I have dealt with it directly) the most direct way to address it is through prevention. I have learned that we all have cancer cells in our body and it is just a matter of how those cells are managed on a regular basis. If they are taken care with love and real attention then they will express love and attention. If they are disregarded as cells which belong to our bodies and are always seen as cells that we need to get rid of and kill then I believe they will react in the same way against us, against our physical bodies.

I always loved to eat salads, soups, greens and lots of fruit and as I grew up I learned that that is actually the best prevention to have in regards to disease. Why should we wait until there is nothing that we can do to prevent the disease? Why not fill our bodies with daily doses of antioxidants and life giving compounds as such rather than unnatural chemicals which are extracted from the same sources which can be eaten raw rather than totally processed and lacking life force? Would foods like barley grass, jiaogulan, spirulina, wild berries, ginger, acai, agaricus blazei murrill, nettle, olives and olive oil, grapes, oranges, apples, pears or kefir along with many others be better in nutritional value than processed multi vitamin pills or supplements?

I think that the issue in today’s world is the concept of fast food. People eat in a rush so that they can fulfill their work obligations. The work that has been chosen by someone to enrich the lives of the 1% which control the remaining 99%. The job that makes no one happy in the end but at least brings the food to the table in the end of the day. But is it enough? Would it not be better to skip dinner or have a lighter one but have time to really do what the heart longs for? I really wonder what people do in the evenings… are people too exhausted due to their work that they just want to do nothing, think nothing, be a vegetal and go to sleep so that the next day they can do exactly the same thing over and over again? I think that what we are being called at this point of our evolution as a species is to step up and gain the power and courage to create a reality that serves our heart rather than our mind and ego. And I feel that we are being called to do this in a practical way. I have been doing this since I was 26 years old and now feel that it is the time to share a little bit of what can be shared with the world in order to have conscious beings deciding the future and addressing the present moment.

Another thing that I have learned is that by doing something that you love your body gets full of life energy, loving energy and vitality which enables relaxation and a healthy positive attitude towards life. It is one of the most direct ways to have a balanced and harmonious life not only with yourself (body, emotions, mind and spirit) but also with your family and friends. Why does life seems to flow when we are happy and living from a space where we feel that our dreams are being lived fully? I believe that when this happens we are aligned with the simplicity of life and the light which shines so bright from within our hearts. That I believe is the meaning of life and the meaning of being present in this very moment.

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