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Application for Residence Permit for Work

When applying for a residence permit for work the applicant is obliged to answer relevant inquiries and submit the following documents:

1. Original and photocopies of valid passport or other international travel documents, and the visa used in the latest entry;

2. A completed “Visa Application Form for Foreigners”;

3. A visa photo, which has met the requirement of the Entry & Exit Administration Department of local Public Security and a Receipt of China Visa Photograph for Foreigners。4. A valid “Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors” in local city

5. A health certificate issued by local Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau ( Sub mission is required at the first application for residence permit):

6. Photocopies (to be checked against the original) of “Foreign Expert Certificate”, “Employment Permit for Foreigners”;

7. Letter of certification from work unit;

8. Photocopies ( to be checked against the original) of registration certificate of work units (such as duplicate of the business license, duplicate of registration certificate of institution as legal person);

9. Where foreigners enter China with other types of visa and need to apply for work-type residence permits, they should also submit certification documents testifying that they are investors, or persons who meet the qualification and requirements set by the competent authorities of the Chinese government for inviting persons of high talent or urgently needed specialists.

Please be noted that this information is provided based on the current provisions in Guangzhou, Guangdong and is for reference only.

It’s strongly recommended that people in other cities consult with local authorities for exact and updated information.

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