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Unsolved Mysteries Rebrand

What was the project?

This project was given to me in my Art Direction class at Humber college for the graphic design program, this project was originally a group project, with a brief to create a re brand for a reboot of the show unsolved mysteries, the guidelines were very vague as our teacher wanted us to have creative freedom with the launch of this new show. We could make the show be rebooted on whatever platform we wanted, with any host we wanted ,and any way we could market this show was aloud to be produced. Since the finished project had been handed in for school purposes it has been edited and changed by myself to what it is displayed as now. My original role in this project was the design of the logo, as well as being art director. Since then I have also edited and changed the logo, and the marketing and advertising tools created. The only part that has not been changed from the original project is the concept as well as the image of our host Morgan Freeman as well as the background of the grey smoke.

Who was the client?

School Project (Humber College)

Graphic Design (Art Direction)

Leslie Harrod (Teacher)

What type of design is it?




Why did I choose this?

In the end we decided to choose this theme of Morgan Freeman as our host, and Netflix as our platform because we felt they were good marketing strategies to move forward with. Morgan Freeman is a known actor for many generations and because Netflix is the biggest platform to use as of right now, we felt it was a good choice to have as our reboot platform.

What went wrong and my process?

This project began as a group project. There were four of us in this group. My responsibilities in the group were the art director as well as the logo design. Since handing in the final project I have changed many aspects of the deliverables. The background has been changed to a black and white version of the clouds, and the logo and layouts have been redone. When this project began my group and I decided that we needed to think of the best way to market this new reboot as well as deciding on a platform that was popular. First we began with idea and came up with using Morgan Freeman as our host. We felt that this was a good strategy because mr. Freeman is a well known actor throughout many generations as well as he has a soft voice that works well as a narrator, which we know from his role in the movie Shawshank Redemption. Our next decision was on which platform we would have our reboot play. Our team choose Netflix for the obvious reason of it being one of the most known platforms worldwide right now, as well as being a cheaper solution for people to watch. Although with research we understood that having both Morgan Freeman as our narrator and having this play on Netflix are both pricey options when given the brief there was no limit on money for the production so there was no limitations on that aspect. For the logo of this reboot I decided that I wanted this logo to look similar to a police stamp that they use when a crime is unsolved. I believe this is a good solution because the plot line of the show itself is about mysteries and cases that are unsolved. With the use of a stamp like look I also feel it looks good as a clean logo with the lines representing how when a stamp presses its not always perfect. As you can see in my first logo everything was quite bold and didn’t appear as much like a stamp as I would have liked. After revisiting this project I have made many changes the first change I made was with the logo, I felt that by making the lines more rough would add more of a stamped on feel as well as choosing a font for the world “unsolved” that appears to be a stamped on section of the logo. I also made the decision to turn the word “unsolved” in the logo to a bright red. This was for two reasons, the first one being that the red popped off the now black and white background, and secondly because when you think of unsolved stamps used at a police station I think of red ink that arks that the case is incomplete. Lastly, I changed the background because I felt that with the use of a black and white foggy background it gave more of a creepy vibe to the show and feel of the deliverables as well as making the logo pop off the page that much more. I also changed the deliverables by making the consistent with Morgan Freeman being the main focus on all three pieces, I did this because I felt like because that was our main selling point was how he was on the show, and by advertising that I feel like more people would tune in and watch.


Overall I believe this project is a great asset to my portfolio because it shows my ability to create strong branding, as well as advertising, have creative thinking, and to be able to carry out a

design in different styles and areas while keeping a consistent look and feel with each piece. This piece was designed as a reboot, rebrand of the show unsolved mysteries. We were given creative freedom in who our host was going to be and how we were going to advertise the reboot as well as what platform it would be playing on. My team decided on Netflix as our platform for its obvious advantage of being very popular in todays world, and we decided on Morgan Freeman as out host for the fact that he is well know through many generations of people as well as his voice is great for narration as seen on the movie shaw shank reception. This project was a great tool in my learning in which it taught me the importance of communication throughout a group in the sense of having to keep everything consistent throughout multiple designers. It also taught me about leadership and how I am able to handle a leadership role and keep everyone knowledgable and organized with due dates and other aspects of a project, and lastly this project taught me a lot about marketing and how to use marketing strategies such as a known actor as the narrator to get views and advertise well for an upcoming show. For all of these reasons I believe that this piece is a strong portfolio piece.

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