Voetschimmel en schouderklachten

Kan voetschimmel schouderklachten veroorzaken? Klinkt als een fabeltje, maar het was bij een patiënt van me daadwerkelijk het geval. Het was wel een indirect verband, dat wel, maar de link was de…


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How To Find Your Way Home

How to tap into your feelings, what it means to be human, and journey into love and peace.

Every day is an evolution. An education in how to best cope with new thoughts and feelings that arise. Feelings that come up that are so unexpected, even foreign. That aren’t driven by the rational mind, but rather the feeling body. Driven by hormones, chemicals arising in the body that are out of our control.

How do we verbalize these feelings so that we can share them with our partners, friends, family — the people we love? To show them that if we lash out, we are not acting out of a place of unkindness, malice, or disrespect — but rather fear, anxiety, discomfort, frustration, or pain…

It is the very act of feeling that makes us so beautifully and uniquely human. We are not cyborgs, unfeeling robots that operate purely out of logic and reason. Our worth is not contingent on our output. We are human BEINGS. Not human DOINGS.

Being human as we are, we act often from a place of emotionality. Even if the rational mind knows a certain thing, the feeling body can react in an utterly different way. The charge of those words can linger. Imbed itself deep within our flesh. To be stored for years and years if not consciously released. To build and build until our body compels them to release, expels them through brute force.

Either willingly or through coercion. We must let go. We can only do this by truly allowing ourselves to feel. To feel and express what’s inside. Embrace the pain. Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the struggle. Embrace the joy. Cry. Shout. Laugh. It’s ok. It’s ok. You’re ok. I’m ok. We are ok.

Breathe, deep. In for four counts. Out for four counts. In for four counts. Out for four counts. repeat. Repeat until you start to feel the little glimmer of homeostasis return. Equanimity.

How good does that feel?

We enter this world and the first thing we do is breathe. We leave this world and the last thing we do is breathe.

It’s a marker of our lives.

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