Why Ray Kurzweil is wrong

I am a huge fan Ray Kurzweil’s technological forecasts. He is the best that I know in predicting technology. He also clearly cares about the way the future will play out. Where I beg to differ, is…


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The teacher

He was a totally normal, boring guy. An average teacher. Teaching boring stuff to bored students. I was one of them. I was the most bored of them all. But not during his classes. Something made them less boring. He was. The material was really annoying. He wasn’t. I never could really put my finger on what it was. A strange kind of fascination.

I had completely forgotten him. When I decided to go to that alumni reunion, I would never have imagined he’d be there. More handsome than ever. He was in his sixties. I was in my thirties. You would expect a story already written a billion times about an old guy who falls in love with a younger woman, leaving everything behind for her. Oh, boy. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride. It isn’t one of those stories. It’s more. It’s less. It’s beyond your wildest dreams.

I had utterly forgotten him. Now he doesn’t leave my head. How did it come to this?

Sometimes I forget who I am. Who I was. Sometimes I’m lost in a thick fog of worries and endless doubts. Sometimes I’m blinded by the enormity of the truth and I cannot see past. I am completely, utterly lost inside my fucking mind this time.

I went to grab drinks. I didn’t see him at first. His back was facing me and I wasn’t paying attention. I was just eager to get alcohol inside me, to ease the anxiety of being around people I hadn’t seen in a really, really long time. When he turned around, lightning struck. Too hard. Too fast. I was stunned. I lost the ability to speak. I looked down at my hands, at the notes in them. Reminded me of what I was standing there for. When I looked up, his gaze was piercing through me. Burning. I saw the light in them but the bastard acted like he didn’t recognise me. I barely managed to order. And I quickly ran away as fast as I could. He hadn’t taken his eyes off me. I couldn’t bare to look him in the eye. I was simply overwhelmed. My stomach was missing. Or stuck in an endless loop of backflips. I couldn’t really tell. I couldn’t make sense of how I felt. Of what I sensed. My heart was about to burst out of my chest. It was really uncomfortable. Really unexpected. Look at him. Just a boring sixty-something family man. In what hell was I standing right now. Or about to walk into. Rather run into.

Some time later. After I managed to calm my heartbeat and ignore whatever that was. I…

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